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Black River Academy Museum

Black River Academy Museum                      from the exhibit, "The Walking Woman"

This year the museum is opening with a very special contemporary exhibit, “The Walking Woman”, curated by John Stewart of the Amity Foundation. Paintings and prints of women walking have been collected from all over the world. A very special portion of the exhibit was created by fifteen artists from the creative workshop “Brod” in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, all of whose works are included.
On Saturday, June 27th “The Walking Woman” exhibit will be celebrated with a 5K walk which starts and ends at the museum at 10 AM. The registration fee is $20 (seniors and students $10).
The Walking Woman

A project of the Amity Art Foundation

Presented by the Black River Academy Museum

As you visit the Black River Academy Museum in June we take a whimsical walk with walking women from around the world as represented by paintings and drawings from all parts of the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, France, Australia, Poland, Costa Rica, Laos and Croatia.

The image of a walking woman has been a not unpopular art image throughout the history of art and is a still a popular subject for artists as represented by the twenty-first century art in this exhibition. Most of the art was created in 2014 and 2015 and was acquired by the Foundation primarily from the Daily Paintworks website which represents hundreds of artist from around the world.

A very special portion of the exhibit was created by fifteen artists from the Creative Workshop “Brod” in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. The Foundation was introduced to the Workshop by a member who participates in Daily Paintworks. It has been a fruitful joint venture.

The women in these images are briskly walking, merely standing as they move through life, skating, swinging on a swing, running the Boston marathon, or sitting and resting. As one artist commented to me, “The woman has to do something when she finishes her walk.”

We hope you will enjoy these images and the talent of the artists that created them and perhaps take notice of the art created by a real live walking woman.

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